Batavia Stad Shopping Outlet

Paradise for fashionistas
Shopping in this charming, reconstructed 17th century village is a fabulous experience and a great day out. Batavia Stad is a shopping Valhalla for people who love to make a statement with their outfit as well as people who prefer quality basics. More than 250 high-end brands like Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Nudie Jeans are waiting to inspire you with the latest trends, must-have pieces and more. Not only your wardrobe gaps will be filled after a day at Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet; you can also indulge yourself with jewellery, chocolate and even innovative cookware. Tired of shopping? Relax and soak in the cosy 'Batavia vibe' at one of the trendy bars or pleasant restaurants. Try a typical Dutch apple pie or treat yourself and your friends with some exquisite brownies. There are many places in Batavia Stad where you can satisfy your hunger, relax, socialize or just enjoy the scenery. Shopping at Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet is a fabulous experience and a great day out!

Opening Times

Daily: 10am - 6pm


Metropolitan Area
Bataviaplein 60,8242 PN Lelystad