Royal Coster Diamonds

The ultimate sparkling diamond
500 years of diamond cutting in the Netherlands and Flanders have bred the most expert workforce of diamond polishers with an unlimited number of world famous creations, such as the Cullinan (the biggest diamond ever found), The Koh-I-Noor, the Dresden and the Star of the South. The Amsterdam cut was the first improvement towards sparkle and shine, in the 1920’s came the brilliant cut with 58 and then 57 facets through the pointed culet. In the 1990’s various refinements such as “hearts and arrows”, ” ideal cut” and finally Bobby Low and Donny Griffioen put their years of experience and expertise together to create the “201″. Combining experience and artistry with the latest technological advances in microscopic observation and toolmaking has enabled us to achieve the epitomy of round diamond cutting. The secret of the perfect sparkle lies in the re-arrangement of crown facets and their angle. Including the amazing microfacetting of the girdle, the total count ls 201, the ideal number of facets.

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