Grand 1488 city gate that houses a relaxed, candle-lit restaurant
From 1617, the Sint Antonies gate was given a new function by the government of Amsterdam. The Waag on the Dam Square had become too small. The gate was rebuilt to function as the new Waag where daily consumer goods, anchors and artillery were weighed. In the top floor of the Waag guilds were housed. The surgeon’s guild was housed in the ‘Theatrum Anatomicum’ (anatomy theatre), and was used as a lecture hall until 1869: bodies of criminals were dissected during the anatomy classes in the winter. Rembrandt’s painted ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp’ here in 1632. Nowadays you find a nice restaurant in the Waag, which has the same name as the building: restaurant-café In de Waag.

Opening Times

Daily opened from 9am-10.30pm
Nieuwmarkt 4,1012 CR Amsterdam