Amsterdam's oldest tower
In the center of Amsterdam , 5 minutes walking distance and right across from the Central Station, is Amsterdam's oldest tower ; the Schreierstoren . Within this monumental medieval walls has been for several years the VOC café. Visit the charming ancient rooms, cozy eat a snack , have a drink , and discover a unique piece of Amsterdam! The Schreierstoren houses several authentic spaces that have all their own atmosphere and are suitable for many types of celebrations. The story goes that the name is derived from the word weep or cry. Not surprising because many from the tower of their beloved child to wave goodbye, probably never come back to see them. The façade is even a stone from 1569 showing a crying woman. However, the grieving Virgin refers to the plight of the city in 1569 , just before the 80-year war. The name is, however, a corruption of the word SCHRAYHOUCK , which acute angle means is an indication of the angle at which the tower relative to the OZKolk and the PHkade state .

Opening Times

Sunday - Thursday: 10am-1am
Friday - Saturday: 10am-2.30am
,1011 AG Amsterdam