The Wooden House - also Cafe In den Aepjen

An authentic Dutch cafe in the famous wooden house
In this cafe you can go back in time to the 16th century. Back in those days all houses were from wood, but this changed when Amsterdam found itself fighting a lot of fires. This Wooden House is one of the two remaining wooden houses in Amsterdam and definitely worth a visit!

When sitting inside you will see old jars where the strong liquors used to be saved in. The cafe is located in one of the most precious streets of Amsterdam: the Zeedijk. Inside you can find images and statues of monkeys. 

The name of this cafe can be translated as: 'In the Monkey'. The name descends from the time of the Dutch East Indian Company when there were sea folks staying here. They could pay their bills at this establishment by bringing apes from over seas. These cute monkeys brought a lot of flees to the place, so everyone that stayed here was scratiching because of the fleas. This way people knew when sailors had 'stayed at the monkey'. The Dutch language knows the saying: In de aap gelogeerd zijn (stayed at the monkey), which means you have poor prospects.

Opening Times

Daily: 2pm - 1am


Amsterdam Old Town
Zeedijk 1,1012 AN Amsterdam