Xtracold Icebar

The coolest bar in Amsterdam
The Amsterdam Icebar is an unexpectedly cool suprise. Dutch weather changes daily, but here it is always freezing. Everything is made of ice: the bar, the chairs, the sculptures and even your glass. 60 tons of ice was used in its creation. No wonder you are loaned a thick coat when you enter. The Icebar is decorated around an exciting theme in Dutch history: Willem Barentsz and his crew's wintering on the Russian island of Nova Zembla. Barentsz was looking for the Northeast Passage in 1596 when his ship became trapped in ice. Trying to survive the hostile polar conditions, he and his men built a hut with wood from the ship, which they called 'Het Behouden Huys' (The Refuge). After nine months, they built a new sloop to return to civilization. Nine months! How long can you last in this frozen world? Fortunately, the Icebar serves fresh, tasty cocktails. Every paying guest receives one welcome cocktail (or beer) and two drinks of choice in a glass made of ice. Reservation is required.

Opening Times

Daily: 12:30pm - 1am
Friday: 12:30pm - 2.40am
Saturday: 12:30pm - 2.40am
31st Dec / 1st Jan: 12pm - 11pm/ 12.30pm - 2.20am

Entrance Prices

Adult: € 19,00 (min. age is 18 years)
Amstel 196HS,1017 AG Amsterdam