Anne Frank House

Discover Anne Frank's hiding place

The former hiding place, where Anne Frank wrote her diary, is now a world-famous museum.

Anne Frank's diary is among the original objects on display. The museum tells the history of the eight people in hiding and those who helped them during World War II. The hiding place is located in an empty section of the building owned by Otto Frank's company. Anne Frank is perhaps the most well-known of the 130,000 Amsterdam Jews that were deported and killed. Anne died in March 1945, a few weeks before the camp was liberated.
Besides the hiding place, of which the entrance is hidden by a bookcase, there are temporary exhibitions on display in the Anne Frank House.
Since the museum is very popular, you are advised to buy tickets in advance for a certain time slot between 9am and 3.30pm to avoid a queue. Between 3.30 to 10pm you can visit the Anne Frank House without an online ticket and buy a ticket at the museum entrance.

Opening Times

April until October: daily from 9am-10pm
November until March: daily from 9am-7pm (Saturdays until 9pm)

Entrance Prices

Adults: € 9,00
Children 10-17 years: € 4,50
Children 0-9 years: free entrance
Prinsengracht 267,1016 GV Amsterdam